Afton Cooper
Occupation: Aspiring singer
Marital status: Divorced
Spouse(s): Harrison Van Buren III
Other Relationships: Cliff Barnes
J.R. Ewing (brief affair)
Parent(s): Arliss Cooper
Sibling(s): Mitch Cooper
Children: Pamela Rebecca Ewing (via Cliff)
Other relatives: Unborn grandchildren (miscarriage)
Played by: Audrey Landers
Afton Cooper is the sister of Mitch Cooper and was a girlfriend of Cliff Barnes. Before bonding with Cliff Barnes, she was the mistress to J.R. Ewing, Cliff's nemesis. She never married Cliff and they broke up in 1984. She is the mother of Pamela Rebecca Ewing. In 2013, Afton returned in the second season of the new 2012 series.

About AftonEdit

Afton first showed up for her brother Mitch's wedding to Lucy, and wound up throwing herself at J.R. and sleeping with him upstairs during the wedding. At first, there was every sense that she was just going to be another floozy girl of J.R.'s who he uses and discards as he pleases, keeping them in an apartment, showing up when he needs to, and using them to please reluctant or important clients. But, as time wore on, it saw more in Afton than that, and soon Afton saw more in herself. She told J.R. to go to hell, and quickly fell head over heels for his chief nemisis, Cliff Barnes.