Robert James "Bobby" Ewing
Occupation: Roadman for Ewing Oil;
Owner of Southfork Ranch 1991 - present (currently)
Marital status: Married
Spouse(s): Ann Ewing 2005 - present
April Stevens (1990) (deceased)
Pamela Barnes Ewing (1978-1983, 1986-1987) (divorced, deceased)
Other Relationships: Jenna Wade (on again off again)
Parent(s): Jock Ewing (father, deceased)
Miss Ellie Ewing (mother, deceased)
Clayton Farlow (stepfather, deceased)
Sibling(s): J.R. Ewing (brother, deceased)
Gary Ewing (brother)
Ray Krebbs (paternal half brother)
Children: Christopher Ewing (adopted with Pamela Barnes Ewing)
Lucas Krebbs (Bobby's son with Jenna Wade)
Other relatives: Sue Ellen Ewing Lockwood (former sister-in-law)
Cliff Barnes (ex-brother-in-law)
Lucy Ewing (niece)
John Ross Ewing III (nephew)
Bobby Ewing II (nephew)
Elizabeth Ewing (niece)
Molly Whittaker (niece)
Margaret Krebbs (half-niece)
Played by: Patrick Duffy (as adult)
Ryan Beadle (as child)
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Dallas (second series)
Dallas:The Early Years (1986 TV movie)
Dallas:J.R. Returns (1996 TV movie)
Dallas:War of the Ewings (1998 TV movie)

Robert James "Bobby" Ewing [1][2] is the roadman for Ewing Oil and the husband to Ann Ewing. Bobby is the son of Jock Ewing and Miss Ellie Ewing. He was born in the late 1940s or early 1950s. He has two brothers, J.R. Ewing and Gary Ewing. Bobby is played by Patrick Duffy in both the CBS-TV series Dallas and the TNT network continuation series, as well as all the subsequent TV movies, with the exeception of the 1986 CBS-TV movie Dallas:The Early Years, where he is depicted as a child in a cameo appearance by then child actor Ryan Beadle.


Early LifeEdit

Bobby was said to be spoiled by his father Jock Ewing and was to be his father's favorite son. This caused rivalry between him and his mean-spirited older brother J.R.. His mother favored the middle son Gary Ewing. His father also had another son, Ray Krebbs, from an affair he had during World War II.


Bobby eloped with Pamela Barnes Ewing in 1978 and they stayed married until she got into a terrible car accident in 1987 and refused to see him. She died in 1989. They adopted a boy, Christopher Ewing, who was the biological son of Jeff Farraday and Kristin Shepard, J.R.'s sister-in-law. He married April Stevens in 1990, but she was killed on their honeymoon. In 2005, he was introduced by Sue Ellen Ewing to Ann Ryland, whom he married the same year.

On the Dallas (2012 TV series) Edit

By 2012, Bobby has remarried again, this time to a woman named Ann Smith, and is the owner of Southfork Ranch, according to the terms of Miss Ellie Ewing's will (in the final season of the original Dallas series (ep. 353), Miss Ellie had deeded Southfork to Bobby while she was still alive, thereby suggesting a continuity error). Bobby has retired from the oil business, believing that alternative energy is "the future", a belief he shares with his now grown adopted-son Christopher, and is content to raise cattle on the ranch. He has decided to sell Southfork, due to his contracting a Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) and resulting fears that he will not be around to keep the ranch safe, and that Christopher is not yet ready to take over from him.

Once again, this brings him into conflict with his older brother J.R. Ewing and his nephew, John Ross Ewing III (who has discovered oil on the ranch). Bobby is shocked and saddened when he finds out his brother J.R. is dead. When J.R.'s will is read Bobby receives J.R.'s entire boot collection on the condition that he keeps them cleaner than he keeps his own. Also an old letter from Miss Ellie reveals that John Ross gets half of Southfork. Bobby doesn't agree but goes along with it for now, although it later leads to some disputes between Bobby and John Ross. Bobby also learns that his first wife Pam died of cancer in 1989.

Other RelationshipsEdit

Bobby kissed Sue Ellen Ewing, his brother J.R.'s wife, but nothing more ever came out of it. He also had a long on-off relationship with Jenna Wade which resulted in her giving birth to their son Lucas Krebbs, who was adopted by Bobby's illegitimate half-brother Ray Krebbs.



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