Willard "Digger" Barnes †
Occupation: Oilman (deceased)
Marital status: Rebecca Blake (ran out on her marriage)
Spouse(s): Rebecca Blake (1940s-1955) (ran out on her marriage)
Other Relationships: Miss Ellie Ewing (dated in 1920s-30s)
Parent(s): Henry Barnes (father, deceased)
Sibling(s): Margaret (Maggie) Barnes Monahan (deceased)
Children: Tyler Barnes (deceased)
Cliff Barnes
Catherine Barnes (deceased)
Pamela Barnes Ewing (stepdaughter, deceased)
Other relatives: Jimmy Monahan (nephew, deceased)
Rose (cousin, deceased)
Played by: David Wayne (1978);
Keenan Wynn (1979-1980)
David Marshall Grant in TV movie
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Dallas:The Early Years

Willard "Digger" Barnes was the nemesis to Jock Ewing and his son, J.R. Ewing. He was an alcoholic who lost his share of the business he once owned with Jock Ewing due to his alcoholism and irresponsibility. In Season 1 and the early part of the Season 2 of the CBS-TV series Dallas, Digger is played by David Wayne; he is then played in the latter half of Season 2 by Keenan Wynn, David Marshall Grant assumes the part of a young Digger in the CBS-TV movie Dallas:The Early Years in 1986.


Early lifeEdit

Willard Barnes was born to Henry Barnes and had a sister named Margaret.

Digger was also known for his beautiful voice and modern interpretive dance skills, which were masterfully showcased at the Ewing Barbecue when he performed The Yellow Rose of Texas.


He was married to a woman named Rebecca Blake, but she left him when his children, Cliff Barnes and Pamela Barnes Ewing were still very young. He told them that she died. Later, he discovered that Pamela was actually the daughter of a man called Hutch McKinney.


Digger died in 1980 due to alcoholism, and before he died he admitted that he had tried to frame Jock Ewing for the murder of Hutch McKinney.