Don Lockwood
Occupation: Filmmaker
Marital status: Married to Sue Ellen Ewing (married 1991, seperated in 1996)
Other Relationships: None
Children: None
Played by: Ian McShane
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 13 in Season 12

Don Lockwood is the new husband of Sue Ellen Ewing toward the end of Season 12 of the CBS-TV series Dallas. They get together while she makes a film with him about her ex-husband J.R. Ewing. Appearing in thirteen episodes, he is played by veteran film/TV actor Ian McShane.

About Don and Sue Ellen EwingEdit

In season 12 of Dallas, Sue Ellen, after having been placed in a mental hospital for a time because of her drinking binges, and his constant cheating, she wound up divorcing J.R., where he initally gained custody of little John Ross, but she swore revenge. She decided to make a movie about all the horrible things he had done to her, and began the process of hiring key personnel. It was there she met writer Don Lockwood, who agreed to write the script. Sue Ellen and Don fell in love, and after completing the movie, they got engaged. Sue Ellen showed J.R. the film with the warning that were he to ever cross her again, she would show it to the world. With that she left for England and married Don.[1]

John Ross eventually moved to England with her for a few years before he left for college. Sue Ellen was happy with Don---for a while. Events are not made clear as to their relationship after the first Dallas series run, but Sue Ellen and Don eventually separated, as she would return to the U.S. and Southfork, as She and J.R. would briefly kinda "rekindle" their romance, as they would sleep together. [1]


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