The Ewing Family is one of the wealthiest families in Texas, they are involved in tow businesses that are usual adversaries, Great Ranching and Big Oil. They own Southfork Ranch and Ewing Oil. The Ewings are the core family of Dallas (1978 TV series) and the revival of the series. We  see a rivalry between the Ewings and the Barnes family although two Ewing men have married Barnes women (one without knowing he had). A man named Ray Krebbs was found to be a Ewing son also in the original series. The Matriarch of the Ewing famly, "Miss Ellie" Southworth married Jock Ewing and after his death, married Clayton Farlow.

Family MembersEdit

First GenerationEdit

Leander Ewing and Jock and Jason's unnamed mother

Second GenerationEdit

Third GenerationEdit

Fourth GenerationEdit

Fifth GenerationEdit

  • Jimmy Beaumont Jr.
  • Christopher and Rebecca's miscarried twins

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