Miss Ellie Ewing †
Occupation: Shareholder to Ewing Oil
Marital status: Married twice/Widowed
Spouse(s): Jock Ewing (1938-1982);
Clayton Farlow (1984-1999)
Other Relationships: Digger Barnes (dated in the 1920s-30s)
Parent(s): Aaron Southworth (father, deceased)
Barbara Southworth (mother, deceased)
Sibling(s): Garrison Southworth (brother, deceased)
Children: J.R. Ewing;
Gary Ewing;
Bobby Ewing;
Ray Krebbs (step-son)
Other relatives: Lucy Ewing (granddaughter), John Ross Ewing III (grandson), Christopher Ewing (adoptive grandson)
Played by: Barbara Bel Geddes (1978-1984, 1985-1990);
Donna Reed (1984-1985)
Appears on: Dallas
"Miss" Ellie Ewing (1915-2001) was the mother of J.R., Bobby, and Gary Ewing. She was the wife of the late Jock Ewing, and was the wife of the late Clayton Farlow.


Early LifeEdit

Born Eleanor "Ellie" Southworth in 1915, she was the daughter of the rancher Aaron Southworth and his wife Barbara. Around the time of the Great Depression, she married Jock Ewing with the hopes that he would save her family's ranch, since he had a lot of money. She left her boyfriend, Digger Barnes, for him. Although she originally had financial motivations, she fell in love with him and they stayed married for over forty years. They had three children: J.R., Gary and Bobby Ewing.

Later LifeEdit

Miss Ellie Ewing was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1979 but recovered after a mastectomy. Her marriage to Jock faced problems in 1980 when she discovered that the new foreman at the ranch, Ray Krebbs, was his illegitimate son. They almost divorced but reconciled in 1981.

After Jock's DeathEdit

When Jock died in a helicopter crash in 1982, Miss Ellie tried to overturn his will, which resulted in Bobby and J.R. to fight over control of Ewing Oil. In 1984, Miss Ellie married Clayton Farlow, the father of the rodeo star Dusty Farlow, who Sue Ellen Ewing was living with, during her separation from Ellie's son, J.R. In 1986, a man claimed to be the real Jock Ewing and Ellie Ewing wanted to believe him but he confessed to being a fraud. She took a tour of the Orient with Clayton and deeded Southfork ranch to Bobby.


Miss Ellie died in 2001, 2 years after Clayton's death. She is buried at Southfork Ranch, which is now owned by Bobby Ewing. Just before her death, Miss Ellie decided that her grandson John Ross Ewing III (son of JR Ewing & Sue Ellen Ewing) should also be deeded Southfork Ranch, there by ownership of the ranch is Bobby 50% and John Ross 50%.