Mitch Cooper
Occupation: Medical student/Doctor
Marital status: Divorced / Remarried
Spouse(s): Married to Lucy Ewing (1981-1982, 1985-1988)
Other Relationships: None
Parent(s): Arliss Cooper
Sibling(s): Afton Cooper
Children: None
Other relatives: Pamela Rebecca Cooper (niece)
Played by: Leigh McKloskey
Appears on: Dallas (first series)
Episodes appeared in: 46 in Seasons 4-12
Dr. Mitch Cooper, M.D. is the brother of Afton Cooper; he appears on the CBS-TV series Dallas. He married Lucy Ewing twice. The part of Mitch is played by Leigh McCloskey.

About MitchEdit

On the original series, after Lucy's parents, Gary and Valene visited Southfork and rekindled their romance, remarried and moved to California, she remained in Dallas and married Mitch Cooper, a guy going though medical school. Lucy soon started modeling when she stopped college. She wanted to have her own money so she could continue to live the way she had growing up, but Mitch believed money should be earned. The modeling gave her that money and she became the first Miss. Young Dallas. It did not go over well with Mitch who had old values.Their marriage went bust in 1984, just after she was raped by her photographer, Roger Larson. Mitch then moved to Altanta. After having had fallen in love with another man named Mickey Trotter, and dealing with the grief over his death in an automobile accident, she went to find Mitch in Atlanta and they married again in 1985.