Rebecca Wentworth †
Occupation: Owner of Wentworth Tool & Die
Owner of Barnes-Wentworth Oil
Marital status: Widow
Spouse(s): Digger Barnes (1940s-1955) (left him)
Herbert Wentworth (1960-1981) (deceased)
Other Relationships: Hutch McKinney
Sibling(s): Unknown
Children: Tyler Barnes (died as infant) (son)
Cliff Barnes (son)
Catherine Barnes (died as infant) (daughter)
Pamela Barnes Ewing (daugther)
Katherine Wentworth (daughter, presumed deceased)
Other relatives: Christopher Ewing (adoptive grandson via Pam)
Pamela Rebecca Barnes Ewing (granddaughter via Cliff)
Played by: Priscilla Pointer
Appears on: Dallas (first series)

Rebecca Wentworth (neé Blake formerly Barnes) is the estranged mother of Cliff, Pam and Katherine. The part of Rebecca is played on the CBS-TV series Dallas, the original series, by Priscilla Pointer.

About RebeccaEdit

She met Digger Barnes and married him in the 40's, they had four children together: Cliff, Tyler, Catherine and Pam but only Cliff and Pam survived to adulthood. Digger soon became an alcoholic who would reguraly abuse his wife, Rebecca then began an affair with Hutch McKinney to escape from her abusive husband, soon she found out she was pregnant with Hutch's kid although Rebecca made Digger believe the child was his. Rebecca gave birth to Hutch's daughter: Pam but she was passed as Digger's daughter. When Digger found out that Pam wasn't his daughter he killed Hutch and buried him near Southfork, Rebecca fearing her for her life she escaped Dallas leaving her children. Pam and Cliff would be raised by Digger's sister Margart and Digger told them that their mother was dead.

Rebecca would eventually remarry to an oil magnate Herbert Wentworth and have a daughter with him: Katherine. She became a powerful women in her own right and inherited her husband's company when he died, even though she was now a extremly powerful Rebecca missed her children every day and seriously regretted abandoning them.

By 1981 Digger died after confessing that he killed Hutch McKinney and that Rebecca was alive, so now Pam became determined to find her mother. She hired private investigators and eventually founds her although first Rebecca denies being her mother, she later accepts it and mother and daughter have an emotional reunion. At first Cliff has a difficult time accepting his mother, but he forgives her. Rebecca names Cliff and Pam the heirs of her fortune along with Katherine who is enraged that she is not the only heir of her mother. Rebecca began to have a part in both of her children's life who were delighted to have their mother back. She bought Luce Oil and renamed it Barnes-Wentworth Oil and gave it to Cliff to run it, she also gave Cliff, Pam and Katherine 1/3 each of Wentworth Tool & Die and Katherine and Pam shares and seats on the board of Wentworth Industries.

Rebecca died in 1983 in a plane crash which was caused mainly by a cold war between the Ewings and the Barnes. Pam blamed her death to Bobby and JR; as a result she and Bobby divorced for the first time. Her wealth was divided between her three children, but Katherine always tried to take everything from her siblings. In 1984 Cliff's girlfriend Afton Cooper with whom she had been close, gave birth to Cliff's daughter Pamela Rebecca Cooper naming the girl after her aunt Pam and grandmother Rebecca.